DFTBA Games Logo

I was commissioned by Hank Green to design the logo of his new business venture called DFTBA Games. Basically, they focus on developing table-top games, card games, and the likes.
This is a quick summary of all the rounds it took to complete the DFTBA Games logo – from sketching out ideas, to refinements, to final art.

1. The initial keywords I was provided were: Simple, fun but not silly, nerdy, refined, exciting. From here, I started sketching out random ideas and concepts.

2. Initially, I thought of using the die and/or glasses as the main icon. Hank threw in more ideas and suggested the cards and a few more variations for the die.

3-4. After a couple of refinements, the 2nd one from the color studies was chosen. I then went and made more variations for the final logo. The pattern in particular was actually an accidental idea. As I was copying and pasting the logo to come up with one version for each, I realized that the duplicated logos can actually work as a pattern. And so it did 🙂

October 01, 2016